Who Are We?

Almira Hair Transplant is a brand of Almira Tur and has chosen the purpose to provide unforgettable experiences to its patients by combining 22 years of tourism experience with health. As Almira Hair Transplant, the service we provide while regaining your lost hair is not just an ordinary hair transplant, but it is the most important feature that distinguishes us from the others. Our primary goal is to always maximize the satisfaction of our patients, without compromising the quality management system, while helping our patients have the hair of their dreams.

Almira Hair Transplant follows the ever-evolving technology in order to provide the best quality at the most affordable price, we regularly exchange information with our surgeons and ensure that our consultants are included in many training programs so that they can improve themselves in order to provide the necessary attention and service to their patients.

Our doctors and surgeons who will perform the hair transplantation have been selected with precision according to their experience, expertise and qualifications. The most important criteria for us is that our consultants to be friendly and to know a foreign language at a native level.


As Almira Hair Transplant family, we meet with our patients one by one, listen to them and take their wishes into consideration. We inform our patients in a healthy way to achieve the best result. We adopt mutual trust and transparency and always reflect the correct information and understanding to our patients within the framework of ethical values.

Our patients are our guests. The procedures are carried out in extremely superior and high quality conditions, with the comfort of the patient in mind. Our patients are kept under free control for 1 year after hair transplantation and can reach us 24/7 after the operation. Making all our patients feel special is one of our goals and values that we prioritize.

By using the power of Almira Hair Transplant, Almira Tur, we are able to offer everything that comes to mind when it comes to “tourism” apart from the limitless hotel portfolio with the best price guarantee to our valued patients.

Many services are provided by Almira Tur’s experienced staff such as hotel accommodation, area transfer, car rental, activity, daily tours etc.

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