Hair treatments


Hair loss is a serious problem for both man and woman.Almost everyday, new treatments being developed for hair loss.Hair mesotherapy is one of these treatments and helps over control the hair loss problem and contribute it to be more healty. This treatment is applied to middle layer of the skin.Its applied with an injection to the hair skin that includes every vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants needed by hair.It stimulates cellular metabolism and provides tissue regeneration.This treatment can be suitable for both man and woman.Number of session requirement is determined by the doctor during the examination according to hair needs and its structure.

Which complains can be solved by hair mesotherapy ?

  • Hair loss related with stress
  • Hair loss related with season
  • Hair loss related with metabolism
  • Hair loss after pregnancy
  • Alopecia
  • Genetic male type of hair loss
  • Female type of hair loss

How long does hair mesotherapy takes ?

Hair mesotherapy is a treatment with sessions.Each session takes 20 minutes.Patients hair is being analized before the treatment. Amount of sessions determines by the percentege of hair loss, hair demage and patients age.If patient follows the treatments week by week and attend each session, it takes 10 weeks.

Should I take this treatment more than once ?

If hair loss is related with pregnancy, stress or anemia, this treatment is not needed more than once but If hair loss is related with genetic factors and highly damaged, then it should repeat.Repeating sessions are scheduled as once in a year.

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