Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrows are very characteristic form of a human face.There are many reasons for eyebrow loss.For instance, repeated removal of the same eyebrow hair , some skin illness, permanent make-up or chemotherapy.When eyebrow is not grows  in 1 or 2 years,transplant is required.

In order to recover the demage and get eyebrows form  to the old shape, eyebrow transplant is the correct and convenient way.Thanks to this application, people can retrieve thick and natural eyebrows.

What is eyebrow transplant ?

Eyebrow transplant is applied for reunite the hair which lost before.Same techniques on hair transplant is used for this treatment and patient can have thick and beautiful eyebrows with natural outlook.

Eyebrow transplant with FUE technique

Eyebrow transplant requires much more attention when its compared with other transplant types.In eyebrow  transplant which done by FUE  technique, importance of the result is about natural look.An expert takes the responsibility of reshaping eyebrows and graft hairs carefully.

Stages of eyebrow transplant;

1. Consultation:Planing of the future form of eyebrows starts with first meeting.

2. Surgery:Local anesthesia is applied on eyebrow transplant with FUE method.

3. PRP and medicine:Patients starts RPR and medicine treatment in clinic after the surgery

4. Results:Transplanted eyebrows grows in 3 months but best results can be observed after 6-8 months.

In which cases transplant is required ?

For those who lost eyebrows partially or completely are  good candidates for transplant.

What is donor area?

This technique includes an application to hair removal from back of the head hair and its implanted to the area in order to give a natural and thick outlook.Best prepared graft for eyebrow implant is taken from nape.It is certain for similar look between eyebrow and hair when small equipments fits to size of hair follicles.

Afterwards, as its prepared for surgical purposes, final shape of the grafts in eyebrows are excellent.That means growth is happening with the natural rhytm of the eyebrows.

Does it hurt?

Surgery is done under local anesthesia and standing position.We can literally say it is not painful.Recover period is maximum 1-2 days.It may seem a bit swelling during this period.Some painkillers can be taken and there is nothing to worry about when it considered a couple days of recover period.

Will there be any scar ?

No,FUE method is the newest technology and is low invasive without any scar.So when its compared with FUT(Follicular unit transplantation) its different than other methods.

After surgery

With the technique of FUE process is a couple days.Especially if skin is sensitive,temporary rashes can be seen on first week.High attention must be given to the graft area and skin in this period.Scratching is forbiden, patient must wait natural progress.Patient must cover the area while in shower and not let shampoo to touch it.After the first 20days of the surgery, it is recommended to avoid towel to touch the area.First month, there might be some losses of hairs which implanted but the real improvement occurs next 6 month by time and gives the desired density.


Eyebrow transplant is the one of most common reconstructive surgical technique.You will have thicker and natural good looking eyebrows with this surgery.

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