Body Hair Transplant

Baldness is a remarkable problem for those who has been dealing with it. Although losing hair is not harmful for the general health, it has a great impact on self confidence and might be a cause of losing self confidence. Because we all believe that hair has a big role of attractiveness on whether it’s a man or a woman, it is normal to feel depressed and unattractive with a bald hair when we meet someone. Alopecia has become a problem that some are invader than others and requires a different solutions. While some patient can be treated by cream and medicine, there are also surgeries can be defined as high class surgery.
We focus on FUE (follicular unit extraction) for hair transplant with Micro-fue. It is so minimal invasive technique which never makes a mark and almost non-required after surgery period. Furthermore FUE is integrated with an other modernist technique BHT(body hair transplant).

What exactly body hair transplant is ?

Basically as we all can understand by its name, BHT is provided by hairs belonging other parts of the body. For example; trunk, arms, abdomen, chest, back, beard will be posted on head area because of Alopecia.

Body hair transplant is an exceptional method which applied in case of when donor area is insufficient because of low density and unable to cover the area when hair is too weak or thin.
Body hair transplant requires a comprehensive analysis to determine the matches between hair and head about whether they are compatible or not. Each hair on the body has a value on this situation.
Body hair transplant shows its value by giving an opportunity of recovering bald area with the hair of other parts of the body to people who are suffering with aggressive Alopecia.

Remember, BHT technique is vaccinated with a mixture of hair and clay.Its only used for provide the density but cant be used by only itself because hair and clay has different type of features. Result may not be good and natural. 800 unit of follicular unit extraction is the maximum number with this technique.

According to Micro-fue and hundreds of satisfied patients, this modifier body hair transplant surgery gives extraordinary results. Beard is the key factor of maximum impact.

Body hair transplant is eligible for whom ?

Not all woman nor man choose body hair transplant because lack of a hair.Normally,BHT receiver is the one who lost the thickness of the hair and weaken the donor area. BHT is suitable for people who has little hair and needs to get hairs from other parts of the body.

Determinative factors of being suitable for BHT

Conditions considered to determine a patient whether he or she is eligible for BHT are below;
-Hair density must be over 40UF for each centimeter
-Similarity between body hair and hair. Mostly effects the success of the result.
-The size of the active donor area is considered as hair transplant.

The difference between body hair transplant and FUE hair transplant

BHT is a supplemental factor and familiar method of FUE. Hair will be taken from same head and added to bald area. BHT is also working in same method but when a patient doesn’t have enough follicular and hair on head, hairs will be taken from other parts of the body. Both traditional FUE and BHT treatment is highly related with the number of follicular on patient. It is important for the successful result.

Despite the conditions above, there are differences between hairs which taken by traditional FUE and FUE surgeries;

While body hair transplant process, the way of growing hair may be opposite direction. In addition, when follicular is taken from somewhere except head, there might be differences between skin types. Hairs can be curvy, straight or wavy according to type and part follicular.

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