Beard Transplant

Nowadays, more man knows the oppurtunity of having a different style and outlook with face hairs and reshape both beard and mustache.According to statics which given by ISHRS community, %90 of hair transplants which not including hair skin, eyebrows that has more percentage than others, eyelashes, including beards and mustaches are intended for face area.

Reasons of considering beard transplant may vary to patients.

  • Trauma scars
  • Burns or surgery
  • Traction alopecia
  • Hypotric or congenital atrigia
  • Scar after folliculitis
  • Common alopecia

However, in some cases, man just live with a desire of increasing density for his beard and mustache according to his needs and aesthetic factors.

Is there any differences between regular hair transplant and beard, mustache transplant ?

Yes there are small differences but before we get in this subject, we must analize the differeces between hairy skin and beard hair as well as face and the beard anatomy.

First of all, beard and mustache hairs are mostly singular follicular which includes just one single hair.Secondly, beard growth starts at puberty period with effects of androgens.While it grows with a remarkable density till 36-37 years old, hairs on head skin reacts to opposite direction.
About the thickness of beard,there is a difference related with ethnicity.For example;Indians and people on middle east have thicker beards.Caucasian and African have the density and definetely have more beard hair than eastern folks.

According to anatomical discourse, face can be divided in two profiles ; one leteral other is front.Side view whiskers, cheek beard, includes maxillary beard and submandibular area.Front profile which includes mustaches and goatee(hairs on chin and under lips) have more density.Normally, even the hairs on neck and under chin are considered as a part of beard but evident spots which requires more thickness on this area must not be intervened in order to be prefered.

Does planning a beard and mustache transplant different than hair transplant ?

No, they are almost same and similar things. Basics of hair transplants are same but each of them should be planed differently.

The surgeon who does this surgery must observe every place and hair on the face to analize and calculate how much follicular unit needed for the area of desired goal. Majority of the patients following this method were borned with less amount of hairs on the area or completely hairless.Therefore in order to reshape beard and mustache, usually at least 2500 follicular unit is needed.

Anesthesia type on FUE is same but a bit annoying.At the beginning it forward as blocking some nerves on the face and once its drugged, it prevents more pain feeling.In theory, extracting a follicular can be done by strip technique but most of the patients rejects stitches with invasive procedure so scar can be remain.

For minor range transplant (100-150UF) units, which can be taken from chin area and beard hair, head skin hair is prefered in any other circumstances.Whiskers and cheeks are most important parts of side profile.Therefore its aligned with sharper hair and parallel angle to the skin.

How much greft needed as overal ?

Whiskers : 200 units for each side.top of whiskers seems thicker.Hence it shows us that we are surrounding the hair and increasing the density.But to get best results,200 units of UF should be injected per a week.

Cheeks: 600 units for each side.Holes on cheek area are crossed  asymmetric and leteral way.The reason of this is during grafting period there is enough space divided in two areas with edges and central body.Central body needs more density to give maximum impact on thickness.Therefore 2 or 3 hair units being graft on this area.

Mustache and goatee: 1000-1300 units. Front profile is definetely more important as aesthetic so more grafting is needed for this area.500 units grafting on mustache where density is most.In this case there will be small holes  pierced as parallel angle to the skin.
Goatee(hairs under chin) is an other area where at least 700 unit required and the skin is thinner so easier to use surgical knife on this area and surgeon must be cautious and must not excessive pressure to the area.

After surgery : after surgery period is so similar between beard,mustache transplant and hair transplant.Right afterwards of the surgery, some minimal swelling and bruises can occur.Furthermore, hair growth starts after 3 months.

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