Hair Transplantation

Regain What You Lose

Follicular Unit Extraction, is the process of taking hair grafts from the donor area with a special tool and transplanting them into balding areas. The benefits of using this technique, such as the easy and fast application of hair culture, have made it more popular than the older FUT technique. In this technique, grafts are taken from the donor area with a special device and planted in around 0.7 channels.

Hotel Acommodation

Be Our Guest In The Most Decent Hotels Of The City

In addition to the health sector, we offer you the best quality hotels in the most decent spots of the city with our 22 years of tourism experience. If you wish, you can choose any of our 4 * or 5 * hotels in the all-inclusive concept of boutique hotels we offer to you. We will be happy to host you. You can visit Almira Tur and view all the hotels we have contracted with.

Area Transfer

Transport within your reach

Our area transfer service between the airport, hotel and hospital is shaped according to your preferences. We offer you a comfortable service with our luxurious cars and personal driver service. In line with the plane tickets you buy, we provide you with a comfortable access to the relevant places by picking you up from the airport. You can get service with our private vehicles without having to worry about transportation during your trip.

Car Rental

Service Guarantee for Every Need

Renting a car is seen by most people as a difficult and demanding job. It is a very challenging process for the user to choose among many alternatives, especially on the internet. But with the help of our agency, you can get rid of all these difficulties and troubles. You can benefit from our luxury and economy class vehicles from all over the world with the best price guarantee. We can quickly supply vehicles according to your wishes without you having to worry about renting a car wherever you go. Many preferred brands have been made available to rent for our customers. With our professional suppliers in different countries who are very successful in their careers, you can rent your car  without waiting and receive a comfortable service.


We are here for you for a smooth treatment process.

From the moment we first contact you, we assign a consultant to take care of all your questions and requests. This consultant is personal and provides a client specific consultancy service. When you get off the plane, our consultant will welcome you, accompany you to your hotel and settle you in the hotel, visit the contracted hospitals one by one in line with your wishes and preferences to introduce you with different doctors in order to get the best results and arrange the activities you want to attend in a way that you will be most pleased with. Our primary goal is to provide you with a smooth and peaceful treatment process.


Different cultures, different flavors, different memories…

Are you ready to experience different cultures, different flavors, and different memories to make the most of your time during your treatment process?


Your health is our priority.

For the convenience of our customers, Almira Hair Transplant and our Hospitals can provide direct insurance billing with all major international insurance provider companies. Not only in health insurance; but we can also insure you to protect you against many mishaps that may upset your enjoyment, from the loss of your baggage to theft or delay.

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