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Almira Hair Transplant provides the best service for you by combining traditional and innovative medicine with its operations. We solve all your problems by working with our specialist doctors in this field. We offer you the highest quality services in many areas such as varicose treatments, stem cell therapy, mesotherapy. You can get information about our treatments and benefit from our privileged services by contacting us.

The face is one of the most important body parts in terms of aesthetic appearance. For this reason, facial defects such as wrinkles and abrasions on the face leave psychologically bad results in the individual. In this sense, many creams and methods can be found in the market under the name of facial rejuvenation and facial care, but if these treatments are not applied correctly, effective results cannot be obtained. Our company works with expert teams in the field of facial rejuvenation and offers you quality services in many areas such as dermapen, youth vaccine, facial mesotherapy, French face lift. You can reach all of these services by calling our company.



Non-surgical rhinoplasty application is dermal fillers applied to the bridge of the nose and provides positive results. It is a safe and an effective application that we apply to patients who do not want radical changes in their nose and do not prefer surgical method.  Fillers, which are very reliable, are used in our non-surgical rhinoplasty applications. In our practice, the patient is not anesthetized in any way and good results are obtained without the scalpel by making light interventions on the nose. In addition, the patient does not feel any pain during application. In line with your demands, deformities in the nose are corrected and if desired, the nose tip can be lifted with botox injection. If you do not make radical changes to your nose, but want to make a few touches, you can get treatment by our specialist doctors and achieve a magnificent appearance. One of the most important advantages of non-surgical rhinoplasty application is that our patients can quickly return to daily life after the application. No bruising or edema is observed on the skin.


Skin care is the most important factor that affects the external appearance and psychology of the person. A healthy skin should be bright and vibrant, but due to environmental conditions, aging and nutritional disorders, skin abrasions and wrinkles may occur. These are signs that the skin needs care. If you want to have skin care and are looking for experienced and expert hands in this field, you are at the right address with Almira Hair Transplant. Our expert team determines what your skin needs after analyzing your skin. Our medical skin care services, which we apply in line with your demands, are made with the use of dermocosmetic products. Before starting the medical skin care application, the skin is cleansed from dead cells with dermocosmetic products and a healthy and clean environment is created for peeling. Later, by applying jetpeel to your skin, we clean the pores on the skin with supersonic currents that descend under the skin. After the cleaning process supported by steam therapy, the pores of the skin soften and open. Black spots and oil buttons on your skin are removed and your skin problems are solved by stimulating the collagen tissue in your skin if necessary. Finally, the skin is massaged with moisturizer and the moisturizer is absorbed into the skin thoroughly. Since the skin structure is different from person to person, additional care and treatments are applied if necessary. It is everyone’s right to have a beautiful skin. You can reach our company for detailed information and support about medical skin care.

Stem cells are cells that make up the structure of all tissues and organs in the human body. When the used cells in our body die or are damaged, new cells can be made using stem cells. For this reason, stem cells are used in the treatment of some diseases under the leadership of regenerative medicine.

Stem cell therapy is a medical treatment method that is applied by taking stem cells from adipose tissue, blood tissue or bone marrow with special methods. One out of every hundred thousand cells in our body becomes a stem cell and this number decreases as we age. Stem cells obtained from tissue pieces taken are brought to a certain number in the laboratory and used in treatment. Almira Hair Transplant is a solution partner for you by using stem cell treatment in the most effective way.



Our company is the best choice for people who want to rejuvenate their skin and who complain about a lifeless skin and who also seek a quality service. With the fibrocell (stem cell treatment) application that we apply to the face, which is not classified as a surgical operation, the tissues on your face are renewed and a beautiful appearance is achieved on the skin. Because of these benefits, fibrocell is a frequently preferred method and does not cause any allergic reaction since it is obtained from stem cells taken from the person’s own tissue.

Cells called fibroblasts in the human body decrease over time and our facial area loses its vitality by being affected by these decreases. This situation becomes an aesthetic problem for many people and can negatively affect the person psychologically. As Almira Hair Transplant company, with our competent and experienced team, we help you to get rid of these problems by applying the best stem cell treatment.

In our facial FibroCell application, tissue cells taken from behind the ear are used. The reason for using the back of the ear is that its biological age is less than the face and because it is a generally sun-free area, there are more fibroplast cells. There is no scar behind the ear after the application. Although there may be rashes on the first day after the procedure, these problems are temporary. You can find detailed information about the facial fibrocell application with positive results by calling our company.


Autolog cream, which our company offers to our valued customers and creates positive effects for many people, is produced on the basis of blood samples taken from you. The blood taken from you is sent to tissue engineering and subjected to examination in our laboratories. As a result of the examinations, the genetic map of your skin is drawn and the problems are analyzed. According to the results of the analysis, we identify the substances your skin needs and formulate these substances by adding them to the cream. As a result, Crena Autolog Cream is created exactly to suit your own skin structure. Thus, autologous cream has opened a new door in skin care by leaving behind the creams on the market which are introduced under the name anti-aging etc. Crena Autolog Cream, which we have prepared for you with care and attention, does not pose any risk in terms of your skin health as it consists entirely of your tissues. Moisture problems and acne problems in your skin also disappear with this miraculous cream.

Erectıle Dysfunctıon

Erectile dysfunction in men is a problem that is frequently seen in men aged forty and over and affects the person negatively. Stem cell therapy, unlike other methods, has the potential to make a breakthrough in this regard. Since the stem cells taken from you are capable of regenerating and repairing damaged tissue, they provide permanent treatment for individuals with erection problems. This method, which is also implemented by our company, is a promising treatment method. Our expert teams inject this treatment method into the tissue that causes erection by using stem cells from the abdominal fat of the individuals. Thus, the problems in the individual are solved by improving the erection tissue. You can get information and appointments from us by calling our company where we work with our expert team.


Plastic surgery is an aesthetic application performed to reshape the appearance of body parts. Plastic surgery, whose other name is reconstructive surgery, is a type of surgery that helps individuals to restructure their body in line with demands or to correct tissue defects that occur due to various reasons.


It is an aesthetic type that is widely preferred in the world. Our rhinoplasties are performed by our expert team. The nasal concha that causes breathing difficulties is removed, the nasal arch is straightened, the nostrils are enlarged and reduced, or the nasal tip can be removed. This depends entirely on the wish of the person. After the operation, some negative reactions may occur in the body, but this situation improves spontaneously over time. It is a successful operation after which the nose takes a beautiful shape with effective results.


Mammaplasty is generally preferred by women. It can be preferred by women who want their breasts to appear in a more beautiful form. Mammaplasty types among our applications are as follows; breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift and breast asymmetry. The most preferred operation is breast augmentation. Successful results are obtained by performing these applications completely by our expert team.


Otoplasty is a preferred application due to prominent ear problem and deformities in the ear. These problems in the ear can cause psychological problems in the individual. Deformities that occur in the ear generally start in the mother’s womb and occur with birth. Especially the reason for the prominent ear problem is the estrogen hormone passed from mother to child. These problems, which create problems in terms of aesthetics, can be easily solved with ear aesthetic surgery. Ear aesthetics, which usually yield successful results, can be applied to individuals of all ages. Especially, young children having prominent ear problems can pose a psychological problem. The prominent ear problem that is noticed in infancy can be solved with the help of special wires and tapes. The reason for this is that the ear cartilages in babies are still soft. However, if not intervened beforehand, it can be kept until the age range of 5-6, which is the age when ear development is almost complete. Our company is pursuing a sensitive study in this regard. All aesthetic operations related to ear lobe problems, prominent ear problems, ear shape disorders are meticulously applied by our company.


Liposuction, which is a fat removal operation, is an application made to give shape to the body by removing the excess fat tissue in the body. It is a highly preferred treatment method applied to areas where stubborn fat deposits are formed such as waist, abdomen, hip and knee. Liposuction is definitely not a weight loss method. It emerges as a method that provides a smoother shape for the lines in the region where only regional thinning is provided and excess fat is removed. It is a method in which good results are obtained when acting with the diet given after liposuction.


PRP is the abbreviation of platelet rich plasma method. In the PRP process, we first separate the blood we receive from you into its components after a series of processes in our laboratory. And by injecting the platelet-rich plasma we obtained into your skin, we stimulate the deformed areas on your skin and activate the repair mechanism in the body. In this way, the healing time of wounds and damaged tissues in the body is shortened and the skin renews itself.


Genital cosmetic surgery has been a method preferred by women recently. Apart from cosmetic aesthetics such as lapatoplasty, vaginoplasty, G-spot augmentation operations, genital area fat injections, there are also aesthetics performed for physical purposes: sagging of the uterus, sagging in the bladder, vaginal enlargement due to painful sexual intercourse etc.

These problems may be congenital or common in postpartum. You can contact us to get information about these operations performed by our expert teams working within Almira Hair Transplant.


Abdominoplasty is a method applied to correct problems such as excess skin, excess fat or looseness that occur due to various reasons in the abdominal area. It is a problem especially seen in women. Generally, this problem is frequently encountered after pregnancy. These problems can be corrected with a simple operation and the abdominal area can be given a more smooth and beautiful form. Fat that causes sagging in the abdominal area is removed and the loosened abdominal skin is collected. Our company solves these problems by applying a single action that normally requires a long time.


Our aesthetic experts analyze the eye area and apply a personalized blepharoplasty. Since the eyelid has a very sensitive structure, it can be affected immediately and problems may occur in the eyelid from time to time. Also, there may be congenital eyelid problems, such as eyelid sagging, wrinkles on the eyelid and bags on the eyelid. With blepharoplasty, these problems are solved and more beautiful looks are obtained on the eyelid. As a result, the facial area also gains an aesthetically beautiful appearance and the self-confidence is higher in the individual. After the operation, we release our clients immediately. The only thing they need to do is to be gentle around the eye area for a certain period of time

Our company offers you many traditional and innovative alternative therapy methods. These therapies are very beneficial to the body and have an immune system-boosting effect. You can benefit from all these services by visiting our company.


Onyx therapy is an application used to rejuvenate. In addition, it is an effective and permanent method for problems such as excessive sweating and smelly sweating. Onyx therapy is also called the gold needle radio frequency system. In the Onyx RF system, anti-aging processes can be performed on the body with the help of fine needles with a diameter of 0.3 mm.

Excessıve Sweatıng (Hyperhıdrosıs)

Excessive sweating is a discomfort that usually starts in adolescence and lasts in the long term. Our company serves you with a non-surgical solution with onyx therapy applied in this area. We permanently treat excessive sweating problem with onix micro needle fractional RF application. After the armpit is numbed with local anesthesia, the operation ends painlessly after half an hour of application. It is an operation after which successful results are obtained by providing permanent treatment in sweating.


The purpose of the needle radio frequency method is to provide an increase in temperature by infusing radio frequency energy under the skin with needles and causing controlled tissue damage. While deliberate damage is inflicted, the skin is not damaged at all. The body repair mechanism is activated by providing controlled tissue damage with the radio frequency waves transmitted by the needles under the skin. Thus, the damage is perceived by the body as natural wounds, the production of substances such as collagen and elastin is increased, and the skin begins to repair itself.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a treatment method that aims to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, to strengthen the immune system, to accelerate blood circulation, and to reduce fat in the liver. It has many benefits for the body such as anti aging, creating new cells and providing a detox effect. Ozone therapy, also known as blood washing, is an effective, scientific application using ozone gas.


It is a treatment method applied by injecting special drugs prepared to eliminate skin problems into the problem area. It is an application that is used and effective for skin problems or hair problems. Mesotherapy is performed by injecting needles with thickness ranging from 4mm to 6mm into the middle of the skin in the problematic area. It is a treatment method that can be used by anyone over the age of eighteen. It is an effective treatment for problems such as acne scar, hair loss, wrinkles and cellulite. In mesotherapy, the application area must be hygienic. Our expert teams take all precautions in this sense and carry out the mesotherapy process


Cupping therapy, also known as “pulling cups” among the people, is one of the most beneficial therapies provided by traditional medicine. Different sizes of cups create a vacuum effect on the skin, increasing the blood flow in the area, increasing the blood and oxygen in the tissues. Thus, toxins and carbon dioxide in the body are rapidly excreted through lymph. The cups are taken up to five minutes after being kept on  the body.

If cupping is to be made, the cups are placed by scratching these areas. The cupping method has many benefits, such as; cleansing the body from toxins, treating colds, fighting chronic pain… Our company works with competent people in this field and applies this traditional medicine method, giving the best results.


Hirudo therapy, known as leech therapy, is a traditional treatment method. One hundred types of bioactive substances are used, which leeches secrete while sucking human blood. Two of these bioactive substances are Hirudin and Calin substances. Because of these substances, this treatment method is called hirudo therapy. These bioactive substances have been used for centuries and their benefits are widely known. This traditional medical method, which is also applied by our company, is a unique treatment method. It prevents blood clotting, has many benefits such as pain relief, stress reliever, germ killer. We work with our experts who are well-equipped in this field. If you want to benefit from our services and get information, you can contact us

The face is one of the most important body parts in terms of aesthetic appearance. For this reason, facial defects such as wrinkles and abrasions on the face leave psychologically bad results in the individual. In this sense, many creams and methods can be found in the market under the name of facial rejuvenation and facial care, but if these treatments are not applied correctly, effective results cannot be obtained. Our company works with expert teams in the field of facial rejuvenation and offers you quality services in many areas such as dermapen, youth vaccine, facial mesotherapy, French face lift. You can reach all of these services by calling our company.


Dermapen is a new generation non-surgical treatment method in facial rejuvenation, applied with micro needling method. Dermapen application is an application method that regenerates the upper layer of the skin and does not damage the skin in any way without the need for a surgical operation. Micro-channels are created in the skin with the micro needles used. These channels are perceived by the body as a wound and the body’s reparative mechanism steps in and initiates the repair process on the face. Thus, at the same time, the problems in the skin are repaired and a healthier and younger skin is achieved.


Our body produces a protein called hyaluronic acid. This acid is produced naturally in the body and is most common in infancy. However, due to factors such as aging, stress, alcohol use and environmental conditions, the body cannot produce this protein as before and deformation occurs on the face.  The youth vaccine that comes into play at this point meets the hyaluronic acid required for the skin. Thanks to the acid injected with a needle, the skin begins to repair by taking the energy it needs and regains its moisture, brightness, vitality, and most importantly, its youth. In this sense, youth vaccine is a natural cosmetic method


Facial mesotherapy is a facial rejuvenating application that is made to give the skin shine and vitality and to activate the synthesis of elastin and collagen in the face. It is a multiple micro-injection application applied to the face, neck and cleavage areas and applied to the subcutaneous tissues in order for these areas to gain fullness and volume. The skin is nourished and revitalized with mesolifting.


The French face lift, known as a non-surgical skin stretching method, is a method that allows the skin to be stretched with threads made of non-polyester silicone material to eliminate problems such as sagging and wrinkles on the skin. These threads consist of threads that are biologically compatible with the human body. The French face lift, which is a painless and trace-free method, can be applied to any point. We can apply the French face lift, which is a method where rejuvenation and beauty is now very easy, to all age groups. If you want to benefit from our services and get detailed information, you can reach us from our call center.


Today, the concepts of fast life and fast-food affect all of us. Depending on eating disorders and environmental conditions, there is an increase in obesity in the society and we can be adversely affected both from health and psychological aspects. In addition to obesity, weight and regional fat problems may occur in many people. Although there are many slimming methods in this regard, treatments generally remain unfinished or the clients may lose their motivation.

Thus, slimming remains a dream. As Almira Hair Transplant team, we support you by providing effective solutions for weight loss and provide the best service in this regard. We help you to live a healthier and more beautiful life by applying the most effective weight loss treatment methods with Lipo Star and Cryo Lipolysis methods that we apply with our competent and experienced teams


We can apply the lipostar method, which destroys the fat cells in the body, in every part of the body that our patients want to thin. Especially, this method appears as a miracle in body shaping and obesity problems. Lipostar application is a treatment method applied with special devices and makes its effect felt even after the first session.

Our experts meticulously apply the Lipostar method to the fatty areas of the body, lower and upper abdomen, sides, fatty and sagging areas on the waist, and effective results are obtained especially in cellulite problems. Since the Lipostar method does not require any anesthesia, gel, incision or needle procedure, it is a safe and comfortable application for you. At the same time, there is no trace or negative situation in the body after the application. Since it is a treatment performed with the help of special devices without the need for human labor, there is no human error and thus more reliable results are obtained. Providing the possibility of body slimming and shaping at the same time, lipostar gives effective results especially in the belly and hip areas.  If you also complain about the problem of not being able to lose weight, you can try our lipostar treatment method we offer specially for you and you can enjoy slimming by getting rid of regional oils in a short time. You can find detailed information by calling our company.


Cryo Lipolysis, also known as Cold Lipolysis, is a treatment method that aims to destroy fat cells by freezing fat cells and making them dysfunctional. This application, which can be used by men and women of all ages, is carried out meticulously by our experts. Fat cells exposed to cold undergo apoptosis known as programmed cell death. Cryo Lipolysis, which is performed by taking advantage of this feature of fat cells, has the ability to reduce fat accumulation between 20% and 40% in a single session. This method, which is painless, is among one of the most preferred methods and thinning occurs in the body proportionally over time. Sessions vary from person to person, and sessions are held between 8 and 10 on average. The duration of a session is between 45-60 minutes on average. In the freeze slimming method, the fat tissue in the region is first heated and immediately cooled afterwards. The membrane tissue around the fat cells is dissolved and at the end of the application, the melted membrane tissue is absorbed and destroyed by the macrophages in the body. Thus, the desired form in the body is achieved over time. You can contact us to apply the Cryo Lipolysis method, which is an effortless alternative method, and to get information.

Epilation is the most effective and permanent method to remove unwanted hair on the body. In order to get rid of these unwanted hairs, temporary techniques such as wax and depilatory creams can be used, but it is possible to obtain longer-term solutions with epilation. The main logic of this practice is to destroy the hair-producing stem cells and to get rid of these hairs in the long term. As Almira Hair Transplant, we offer you the best solution by using the most up-to-date technologies in the field of hair removal and working with experts in this field.


It is a laser method applied by obtaining laser light using Ruby crystals. Ruby laser light has a wavelength of 694 nanometers. Although these laser lights are red lights that can be seen with the naked eye, they are an older method compared to other laser methods. In general, it is a laser method suitable for the skin structure of white skinned people.


Since Alexsandrite laser is a fast laser, application procedures are easy. This laser type can only be applied on light skinned people. The reason for this is that the Alexandrite laser acts on melanin. Since it targets dyestuffs called melanin, it is not suitable for all skin types. Moreover, pain is very low in Alexsandrite laser, so it is a preferred application.


Diode laser is one of the popular laser types of recent times. It is effective in deep hair roots and does not cause much pain during the procedure. We recommend Diode laser, which is a method applied in our company, for individuals with dark skin and thick hair. It is a very effective method for individuals with this skin and hair type. In the diode laser method, hygienic conditions are required because the device is in contact with your skin. Our company applies Diode laser by complying with all hygiene rules.



Long Pluse ND-YAG laser is an application that has a wavelength of 1064 nanometers and has the capacity to penetrate the tissue deeper than other laser methods. It is a method that can be applied to all skin types, because the main target is not melanin but hair root. Since the Long Pluse ND-YAG laser type does not affect the upper skin, it does not pose any risk of burns. Therefore, it can be preferred in all seasons. Due to this feature, it is one of the most attractive laser methods.


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy is one of the biggest innovations that technology has brought to the cosmetic field. With this method, computer-controlled light therapy is applied. The difference from laser is that while laser spreads linearly, IPL spreads to surrounding tissue by scattering. Different wavelengths are used in IPL. It is a laser application with the least side effects compared to other methods. It takes care of unwanted hair problems in a short time with fewer sessions. It is a suitable epilation type for the face area. You can contact us for detailed information and support about epilation.

The tattoos that we got and liked at any time in our lives may no longer be attractive and may lose their attractiveness after a while. For this reason, we may want to get rid of our tattoos by turning to businesses that perform tattoo removal. However, the methods we use for tattoo removal can often be fruitless. Almira Hair Transplant saves you from this trouble and introduces you to carbon peeling. Tattoo removal with carbon peeling gives more accurate results. Our team applies the carbon peeling method, which has a strong effect especially on dark tattoos, and saves you from the tattoos you do not want.


There are many methods among tattoo removal methods, but no method can give as effective results as carbon peeling application. Carbon peeling appears to be the most advantageous and effective method in terms of not leaving any marks after the procedure. With the laser process we apply, laser light reaches the tattoo processed on the skin and breaks the dye cells into small pieces without damaging the skin tissue. The body defense system absorbs and destroys the shrinking dye cells more easily. The carbon peeling method is also used on old tattoos and is a more successful procedure than on new tattoos. The success of the laser in tattoo removal process can be affected by factors such as the materials used in tattoo ink, the technique of tattooing and the body’s immune system. Although this method varies from person to person, it is applied between 3-20 sessions on average. Carbon peeling has 90% success in removing unwanted tattoos in this area. The pain during the operation can be reduced significantly with the anesthetic creams given to the individual before the procedure and also the coolers we use during the procedure. Although the carbon peeling method is not a simple procedure, it is a procedure that should be done by expert hands. If you want to get service with the quality of Almira Hair Transplant, one of the companies that offer the best practice in this field, you can contact us and benefit from our services

Varicose is a problem that is caused by the irregular elongation of the veins, their dilation, and the formation of folds and affects the person both aesthetically and in terms of health in daily life. It is frequently seen and one out of every five or six people suffer from varicose veins. The varicose, which were aesthetically problematic at first, may also be a health problem later on. It can manifest itself in the form of aching and pain sensation, burning and throbbing, swelling and muscle cramps in the legs. From time to time, it disturbs the individual, especially by causing itching on the veins. Our company strives to provide you with the highest quality service in the field of varicose treatment by working on varicose problems with its expert and innovative team in this field. So, why does the varicose problem arise and how is varicose treatment applied?


In the human body, there are veins that are many meters long and all of them have separate functions for our body. One of these special veins is the venous blood vessels. The venous blood vessel is an important vein responsible for carrying blood to the heart to cleanse the contaminated blood. Varicose problem also occurs in the capillaries and veins in the leg. There are many factors among the causes of varicose that negatively affect our daily life; weight problems, long-term standing, pregnancy, hormone treatments etc.

Varicose is a problem that occurs as a result of the insufficiency of the valve in the vein. Varicose problem occurs with the deterioration of the structure of the valves due to various reasons. The blood sent to the lungs escapes back with the effect of gravity and accumulates in the veins in the leg. This situation negatively affects life by revealing the problem of varicose over time. We help our clients who have problems in this regard by applying varicose treatment.


In order to treat varicose in the legs, we apply a treatment method using various techniques together with our team working at Almira Hair Transplant. Although there are many alternatives for varicose problem, the most effective method is sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy application can be used in the treatment of capillary varicose, medium sized varicose and large varicose. A desiccant drug is injected directly into the varicose veins with scleroterepia application, which offers an effective solution for varicose. The purpose of the injection into the veins is to cause a reaction in the veins to cause blockage. As a result, an inflammatory reaction is created in the vessel walls and varicose veins are tried to be removed within a few weeks. Vascular damage, a condition that scares many people, is actually a good thing. Varicose veins do not benefit the body. For this reason, their destruction does not cause any problems for the person. Thanks to the fine needles used in this treatment method, there is no pain during the operation, but there may be problems with hardening of the vessels, change of skin color and bruising after the operation. Sometimes the body can react as an allergy to the injected substance. Although this causes trouble for a while, these problems disappear within a month. After the treatment, the person can return to his routine life. Foam sclerotherapy, another varicose veins treatment, is a very advantageous treatment method. Sclerosing agent is obtained by mixing the drug with air and vein drying effect and injected into the vein. The application supported by Doppler ultrasound provides long-term solutions to many patients. It is an easy operation. The veins destroyed by foam sclerotherapy are repaired by the body after a while. Thus, varicose veins treatment has a high success rate. If you want to benefit from our services and get information, you can contact us at our contact number.

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