Today, the concepts of fast life and fast-food affect all of us. Depending on eating disorders and environmental conditions, there is an increase in obesity in the society and we can be adversely affected both from health and psychological aspects. In addition to obesity, weight and regional fat problems may occur in many people. Although there are many slimming methods in this regard, treatments generally remain unfinished or the clients may lose their motivation.

Thus, slimming remains a dream. As Almira Hair Transplant team, we support you by providing effective solutions for weight loss and provide the best service in this regard. We help you to live a healthier and more beautiful life by applying the most effective weight loss treatment methods with Lipo Star and Cryo Lipolysis methods that we apply with our competent and experienced teams


We can apply the lipostar method, which destroys the fat cells in the body, in every part of the body that our patients want to thin. Especially, this method appears as a miracle in body shaping and obesity problems. Lipostar application is a treatment method applied with special devices and makes its effect felt even after the first session.

Our experts meticulously apply the Lipostar method to the fatty areas of the body, lower and upper abdomen, sides, fatty and sagging areas on the waist, and effective results are obtained especially in cellulite problems. Since the Lipostar method does not require any anesthesia, gel, incision or needle procedure, it is a safe and comfortable application for you. At the same time, there is no trace or negative situation in the body after the application. Since it is a treatment performed with the help of special devices without the need for human labor, there is no human error and thus more reliable results are obtained. Providing the possibility of body slimming and shaping at the same time, lipostar gives effective results especially in the belly and hip areas.  If you also complain about the problem of not being able to lose weight, you can try our lipostar treatment method we offer specially for you and you can enjoy slimming by getting rid of regional oils in a short time. You can find detailed information by calling our company.


Cryo Lipolysis, also known as Cold Lipolysis, is a treatment method that aims to destroy fat cells by freezing fat cells and making them dysfunctional. This application, which can be used by men and women of all ages, is carried out meticulously by our experts. Fat cells exposed to cold undergo apoptosis known as programmed cell death. Cryo Lipolysis, which is performed by taking advantage of this feature of fat cells, has the ability to reduce fat accumulation between 20% and 40% in a single session. This method, which is painless, is among one of the most preferred methods and thinning occurs in the body proportionally over time. Sessions vary from person to person, and sessions are held between 8 and 10 on average. The duration of a session is between 45-60 minutes on average. In the freeze slimming method, the fat tissue in the region is first heated and immediately cooled afterwards. The membrane tissue around the fat cells is dissolved and at the end of the application, the melted membrane tissue is absorbed and destroyed by the macrophages in the body. Thus, the desired form in the body is achieved over time. You can contact us to apply the Cryo Lipolysis method, which is an effortless alternative method, and to get information.

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